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Ebrahim Tahasoni
Cert TESOL, Professional IELTS Tutor & TESOL/TEFL Specialist, Director of Studies at Language Academy

Ebi    Tahasoni specialises in one-on-one and group training for IELTS exam skills andEbi Tahasoni consultation. He is one of the few in Iran to hold an academic band score of 9.0 in both speaking and writing as well as a merit-grade TESOL certificate from Sussex Downs College.

With an academic IELTS overall band score of 9.0, a Level 3 Certificate in English (CPE) from Cambridge University, an IELTS Teaching Certificate from Sussex Downs College (the largest IELTS test centre in the UK), 20 years of extensive language learning and 10 years of teaching experience, he offers a complete range of courses and resources to improve your command of English language skills and help you aim for a much higher exam score than you ever anticipated.

Ebi Tahasoni also teaches public classes at the Language Academy in Mashhad, Iran. Based on his own successful approach to IELTS which brought him the highly coveted academic 9, he has trained and assisted hundreds of students from different educational and linguistic backgrounds to achieve their target band scores -or even higher! He has also been an active teacher trainer for various language schools as well as a recognised and trusted source of assistance to language teachers and ESOL professionals nationwide.

If you are serious about your IELTS, Academic or General Training, then Ebi Tahasoni is the right tutor for you. Aim for the moon, and with the right support, you will land there.

Ebi is also a correspondent and feature writer for the EL Gazette, the newspaper of the English language industry. Read his latest articles here and here or on the Gazette's website at www.elgazettedigital.com.






با توجه به پر شدن کلیه تایمهای کلاسی تا پایان سال جاری، درحال حاضر رزرو کلاس تنها برای فروردین سال آینده انجام می گردد.

توجه فرمایید که در صورت رزرو کلاسهای سال آینده تا پایان سال جاری، هزینه آنها با نرخ شهریه امسال محاسبه خواهد شد.



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