I was lucky to have him as a teacher. To tell the truth, I wasn't able to write even in Farsi but he taught me how to think and write as well. His effective techniques helped me in writing so much. I really appreciate all his hard work.

M. Ghasemzadeh – English teacher (Writing: 7.5, Overall 7.0)


He helps you see what you are supposed to do in each section and how to do it. He doesn't complicate things and shows you the easiest path to the highest possible score.

M. R. Yekkalam – Physician (Reading: 6.5; Writing: 7, Speaking 7.5; Overall 7.0)


The test was easy because I knew exactly what I had to do.

S. Hesaari – IT Specialist (Writing: 6.5, Speaking 7.5; Overall 6.5)


Ebrahim Tahasoni


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Published articles:
- Ielts opens doors in Iran (October 2010, page 3)
- Registrations resume in Iran for Toefl tests (October 2010, page 9 full-page article)


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IELTS Train the Trainer
IDP Australia
-Irsafam IELTS Test Centre

IELTS Writing & Speaking Assessment
IDP Australia

Cambridge CELTA
ESOLARM - Yerevan, Armenia

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TESOL Certificate Merit Grade
Sussex Downs College & Iran IELTS

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Academic IELTS 9.0
Sussex Downs College
Listening: 8.5 | Speaking: 8.5 | Reading: 9 | Writing: 9 | Overall: 9

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IELTS Teaching Workshop
IRU & Sussex Downs College

Workshop on IELTS Training and the Performance of Iranian Candidates in IELTS
Tutor: Sula Dolby (IELTS Examiner and TESOL Tutor for Sussex Downs College)

Speaking and Writing – Exam Preparation and Assessment
Oxford University Press - Oxford Professional Development
Webinar on important factors in assessing speaking and writing modules in tests like the IELTS or FCE, and accordingly helping candidates prepare effectively.
Presenter: Jules Schoenmann, FCE examiner and teacher developer, Bristol, UK

Villainous Images– Taboos in Language Teaching
Oxford University Press - Oxford Professional Development
Webinar on how real the threat of taboo concepts in TESOL such as "considering students as empty vases" or "focusing on grammar" actually is and how teachers should regard and handle them in the class.

Presenter: Jamie Keddie, author of Images, Oxford University Press

Pronunciation for International Intelligibility
Oxford University Press - Oxford Professional Development
Webinar on the importance and impact of pronunciation in teaching and using English as an international medium of communication.

Presenter:  Robin Walker, author of Teaching the Pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca, Oxford University Press

Academic IELTS 8.5
International House London
Listening: 8.5 | Reading: 8.5 | Writing: 7.5 | Speaking: 9.0 | Overall: 8.5

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